90’s Favorite snacks


by Staff-man

What’s up nostalgia nerds,

90's favorite snacks
90’s snacks

It’s your friendly neighborhood Staff-man here with another blog hot off the presses. Do you remember your favorite 90’s snacks as a kid? The commercials would come on and you needed mom and dad to buy it immediately.

Well, I’m sure a few memories come to mind and most of our favorite 90’s snacks have been discontinued or ripped from the shelves. But just in case you couldn’t think of any, Uncle Staff has a few to jog your memory. I’m very excited to write about my favorite 90’s snacks. Let’s get started!


90's favorite snacks

Dunkaroos by Betty Crocker were first launched in 1990 and were a big hit with kids. This was without a doubt my favorite childhood snack. These little cookies with the frosting combo were a welcomed addition to kids across the nation. 

The mascot at the time was a kangaroo (a little tongue in cheek) which would bounce on the Tv screen and tell the kids how to dunk the cookies.

A win for lunchboxes everywhere in my opinion. Sadly, the snack disappeared in 2012. However, Dunkaroos made a triumphant return in 2020! And to this day Dunkaroos are still being sold and are waiting for you at your local grocer aisle.  

Fruit by the Foot

90's favorite snacks
Fruit by the Foot/1992

A snack that was shared by most kids and probably used as a snake tongue for prank purposes. This candy made by General Mills is probably one of the most memorable snacks of the 90’s as well.

This snack also made some of the most surreal commercials of the 90’s. In my opinion Foot by the Foot is a better snack than Fruit roll ups. A long gummy like candy that came in a rolled package. 

Fruit by the Foot was a fun snack that could be savored and fun to eat!

Squeezeit Fruit Drinks

90's favorite snacks

Let’s be honest who didn’t have one of these drinks growing up?

Before the Squeezit drinks were discontinued by General Mills back in 2001. These colorful characters as well as sugar flavored goodness could not be topped. Each bottle had a character to reflect the flavor and the ads for these drinks were out of a “coked up” nightmare. There probably wasn’t an ounce of juice in them but damn they were good.

Final Thoughts

If you have any more snacks suggestions you want to bring up, leave them in the comment section. Thanks for reading my favorite 90’s snack review and my blogs. Until then, we will catch on in the next blog.

– Staff-man

90's favorite snacks

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