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What’s up nostalgia nerds,

It’s your friendly neighborhood Staff-man here with another blog. Do you guys remember Goosebumps? Because what could be more 90’s than these books written by R.L Stine? The Goosebumps series took you on a journey into the spooky, weird and bone-chilling. The books as well as the television series which came later, went all in on kids needing to be scared and to be quite honest a good scare is needed every once in a while. I’m very excited to write this Goosebumps nostalgia review! Let’s get started.

R L Stein

R.L Stine/author

Night of the Living Reader

Goosebumps young reader

What I liked about the series was the way it raised a generation of readers including myself, to go out and be weird. Goosebumps spoke to a genre of kids and kept you interested in each outcome of the story’s protagonist.


Even now I have memories of walking hand in hand with my parents to my pre-school bookfairs in the 90s. This puts a smile on my face. Picking out the book (usually with the creepiest title) I couldn’t wait to go home and have my mom read the book to me at bedtime. When I got a little older, I would sneak and stay up late at night and read undercover, armed with my flashlight.

The books

Goosebumps review

My favorite story in the series has to be “My Hairest Adventure“. I remember this book fondly because my mom and I were at Target when I saw it and Haddaway (What is love) was playing over the store speaker *side-note (I love this song). I picked up the book, read some of it and later I picked it up again at the library. It had everything I could ask for in a story, solid plot, strange happenings and twist ending. Needless to say, I read plenty more Goosebumps books after that.

The Tv Show

Goosebumps nostalgia review

When the Tv show came out in 1995 it changed my whole world. Finally, I could see these stories come to life! The show did not disappoint. One of my favorite episodes was “Say Cheese and Die“. This episode was about a kid named “Greg” who took a camera he found in the spooky, old house. The instant camera develops pictures depicting impending disasters that haven’t happen yet. This episode also features a very young Ryan Goslin as Greg.

Goosebumps nostalgia review

-Ryan Goslin/1996

Great episode!

Final Thoughts

I found this series to also be a gateway to other things in my life such as watching the Twilight Zone, Monsters the series and Tales from the Crypt (Blog coming later). Goosebumps books were a fun and creepy escape that really helped to grow my imagination and take time off the clock.

How about you? What was your favorite book of the series? Comment below and let us know ….Thanks for reading my Goosebumps nostalgia review and my blogs. Until then we’ll see you in the next blog.

– Staff-man

Staff-man. Goosebumps review

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