Blockbuster Video Nostalgia Review

By Staff-man

It’s your friendly neighborhood Staff-man writing a Blockbuster Video nostalgia review!

Can I take a minute to say how much I miss Blockbuster Video.

Blockbuster Video

I don’t know if its the resurgence in Blockbuster shirts or the little mini pop ups, but damn I miss the experience. Blockbuster Video was a bastion of entertainment. Video games and films were at your finger tips and it was dope. 

Blockbuster Video

Back in da day

I have fond memories of hitting up my local Blockbuster which was located on East Jefferson in Detroit at the Harbor Town Shopping complex. It was a whole mood to be able to go grab a copy of the latest movie and see the different planograms that were on display for the week.

Snack Attack

Blockbuster Video snacks

Blockbuster Video also had your snack attack covered to include popcorn, ice cream, whoppers candy, Mike and Ike’s and the list goes on. The slogans were catchy too…”Be Kind Rewind and Make it a Blockbuster Night” …To name a few. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, today’s technology has come a long way and videos are mostly digital and available on demand. Kid’s today have no idea what it means to wait for a movie to come to VHS.  The anticipation of your favorite movie being released was all one could stand. Those days may be long gone but with a renewed love for the video store of the past ….the memories and mostly the fandom will last always. Thanks for reading my Blockbuster Video nostalgia review and our blogs. We’ll see you in the next one.


Staff-man Blockbuster Video


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