Saturday Morning Cartoons Review

by Staff-man
What’s up nostalgia nerds?

Saturday Morning cartoonsIts your friendly neighborhood Staff-man coming at you again with some good olé’ fashion Saturday morning cartoons reviews. I’m talking about 80’s cartoons. There are so many to choose from but we are going to talk about three today. (Cue flashback) …..

80's Saturday morning cartoonsAll week you had school and homework but Saturday rolled around and BOOM!!! The morning became a whole party mood. If you were like me it was a mixing bowl of coco puffs and then it was off to the races.

Alvin!!! (1983)

Saturday morning cartoons

First on the block it was the 80’s version of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Hooked by the catchy intro, you are brought into the world of Dave Seville and the rambunctious Alvin, bookworm Simon and the ever-hungry Theodore. These young and world-renowned pop stars got into a multitude of adventures and hair brain schemes that always lead to Dave screaming his signature line “ALVIN!!!!” This trio had catchy songs which would be considered bubblegum pop and their antics never got old. It was a solid show to watch and was fun for all.

G.I. JOE (1983)

G.I Joe Saturday morning cartoons

Next on the list I would be a fool not to mention G.I JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO. Who among us didn’t enjoy the epic battle of the Joes vs Cobra Commander and his fiendish crew of miscreants? Snak-eyes, Duke, and Cover-girl battling Dr. Mindbender, Destro and the Baroness was always a good time on Saturday….not to mention the segments of “knowing is half the battle” after each episode. The show has gone on to spawn two movies (which were not great….) a host of toys and cosplay models that are guaranteed to make you blush.

ThunderCats (1987)

Thundercats Saturday morning cartoons

I could’ve talked about many shows for my third cartoon review but I had to go with the classic, ThunderCats! Sure, it could’ve been HE-MAN but to me this show was somewhat better. ThunderCats is still a staple of the 80’s American nostalgia and pop culture. The combination of magic, technology and mythos blended well with the silly antics that would follow.


The series followed a group of human/feline hybrids who leave their doomed planet, fight the evil mutants and ancient evil of Mumm-ra on third earth. The writing wasn’t great and the voice cast was split between the various characters …but truly as a kid who cared? This cartoon as well as the others that I mentioned were escapism. It was a way to live in another world for a few hours before having to leave the house to do something else.

Final Thoughts

Finally, treat yourself to a nostalgia trip and watch these three shows on Netflix, Hulu or even YouTube. You deserve a trip back down memory lane. Thanks for reading my Saturday morning cartoons review and blogs. We will see you in the next blog.


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