Best famous cars in 80’s movies review

by Staff-man
What’s up nostalgia nerds?
Best famous cars in 80’s movies review

It’s your friendly neighborhood Staff-man here with a burning question. What famous vehicle from your childhood would you drive? There’re so many to choose from but let’s highlight a few from the 80’s. This is the best famous cars in 80’s movies review.

1. Ecto-1 |Ghostbusters (1984)


“Who you gonna call?” Well, if that catchphrase rings a bell, you’ll definitely know the Ecto-1 when you hear or see it. This vehicle was a 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance which was modified of course. It is an iconic vehicle that catches the eye right away and was great for busting ghost. The Ecto-1 probably wasn’t the fastest nor was it good on gas but surely it was good for turning heads on any busy street in New York or any other major city. I love the Ecto-1 and was fascinated by it in all its glory from film, to cartoons and to comics. The Echo-1 has a special place in my heart.

2. The Delorean| Back to the future (1985)

Best famous cars in 80's movies

Now this is a given. Everyone knows The Delorean and if you don’t, you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for a long time. This car had it all!… Flux capacitor, gull wing doors ….the works! A time machine made in true 80’s style. Thanks to Doc Brown this Delorean DMC-12 became a part of pop culture and drove into our hearts and fandom. A fantastic car from a great movie franchise.

3. The Batmobile |Batman (1989)

Best famous cars in 80's movies

A vehicle that needs no introduction. The Batmobile was a “nerdgasm” on wheels. 1989’s Batman was a very dark and gothic film compared to its campy 60’s television counterpart. However, the bat mobile evolved into a sleek beast of a vehicle that zoomed out of the bat cave and through the night of the Gotham City streets. As more movies have come out over the years, different iterations of the Batmobile have been seen. But, 1989’s version of this crime fighting machine changed the game ….I also need to give an honorable mention to the Batwing as well.

4. “KITT” |Knight Rider (1982)

Best famous cars in 80's movies

A talking Pontiac Tran Am Sport…..need I say more? KITT wasn’t just a car, he was a character within the world of Knight Rider.  Coupled with dry humor, that red cylon eye bar, cool gadgets and David Hasselhoff …this is another car worthy of being driven into the world of nerd fandom.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I would be remised if I didn’t mention a few others such as Optimus Prime, the RV from Stripes of course The TMNT Party Wagon. But hey…. That’s something we can catch up on another time. Until then…. This was the best famous cars in 80’s movies review. Thanks for reading our blogs see you in the next blog.

– Staff-manStaff-man. This is the best famous cars in 80's movies.

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