Fish out of Water movies


by Staff-Man

What’s up nostalgia nerds? It’s your friendly neighborhood Staff-man here. What’s you best fish out of water movies from the 80s? Is it Crocodile Dundee, Coming To America or Footloose? Well Aside from me giving you some good ones to choose from I’m going with Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Because let’s face it, Axel Foley is a bad ass!

Fish out of water movie. Beverly Hills Cop
-Axel Foley/Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a fish out of water 

Now aside from the day and night look of Beverly Hills to Detroit …. The street wise Axel is a scamp who definitely gives the law enforcement in Cali a run for their money. I love this film because Eddie Murphy is at his comedic finest. Aside from Trading Places, Eddie Murphy is a meteor of raw talent that kills on the screen. 

Tom Hanks goes Big

My second pick for good fish out of water movies is “BIG” (1988) featuring Tom Hanks.  

Big. Fish out of water movies

-Josh Baskin/Tom Hanks

This movie is one of the 80’s gems for my generation. Many of us as kids have always wanted to grow up too quickly and the ramifications of that is shown in this film. Our lead character, Josh Baskin (Tom Hanks) not only gets his wish to grow up but also has to find a job and convince his friend that he is who he says he was. Calamity does ensue but ultimately the story reminds us of the joys of being a kid and how sometimes it’s best to slow down and and not rush.

Final Thoughts

Finally these films bring me back to my childhood. I think about how much older I am now. I think about how much I would give anything to go back in time as a kid. These films reminds me of when I use to kick it with my grandma and watch cable on that old grey box lol. But time marches on. Well, that will do it for this blog review. Thanks for reading our blogs and we’ll see you in the next one.


Staff-man. Fish out of water movies

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